Monday, May 13, 2013

Two-Headed Giant Pauper (Standard)

This Sunday May 13 @ 2:00
Two-Headed Giant Pauper Standard Format
You may pick your own partner. If you do not have a partner you will be paired with another player without a partner.

2HG Rules:
2HG decks must contain a minimum of sixty cards. There is no maximum deck size.

2HG uses the "Unified Deck Construction rules".
With the exception of basic land cards, a team's combined decks may not contain more than four of any individual card.
Sideboards are not used.

Pauper Rules:
Pauper decks may only contain cards that were printed as a common rarity.
If a common version of a particular card was ever released, any versions of that card printed at other rarities are also legal in this format.

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