Monday, May 20, 2013

Folks, you spoke. We listened.

From the creators of The Gauntlet & The Trial By Fire.
The Dugout proudly announces:

The Dugout Summer Series 2013

June 15th

TCGplayer Silver MaxPoint Qualifier
  Format: Standard
  Start Time: 11am
  Event Structure: Swiss
  Entry Fee: $25

1st Place - $100, Playmat + 20 TCGplayer Points
2nd Place - $50, Playmat + 10 TCGplayer Points
3rd/4th Place - $25, Playmat + 5 Points
5th-8th Place - Playmat + 3 Points
9th-16th Place + 2 Points

July 13th & 14th

 M14 Core Set Prerelease
   An Entire Weekend of
   Sealed & 2HG Sealed Events

July 19th - 21st

M14 Release Drafts
      All Weekend

August 10th & 11th

M14 GameDay
 Standard Tournaments
 Promos & Playmats

After all of those events, 2 months of FNM’s and Sunday MTG,
you should have a finely tuned deck ready to rumble!
And rumble we shall!
It all comes down to this:

Saturday August 17th 2013
StarCityGames Invitationl Qualifier
  At The Dugout Cards & Games
  Format: Standard
  Start Time 11am
  Event Structure: Swiss
  Entry Fee: $25

1st - $250 Travel Award, Qualification for a StarCityGames.com Invitational, 5 Open Series Points
2nd - 24 Packs of Current Set, 4 Open Series Points
3rd-4th - 12 Packs of Current Set, 3 Open Series Points
5th-8th - 6 Packs of Current Set, 2 Open Series Points
Top 4 Finishers receive an Exclusive SCG IQ Playmat
1-8 all receive a SCG IQ Top 8 Pin

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