Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Saturday September 29th
 10:00am Sealed *2 Spots Open*
1:00pm Sealed *7 Spots Open*
4:00pm 2 Headed Giant *FULL*

Sunday September 30th
 12:00pm Sealed
* 2:00pm Sealed
* 4:00pm 2Headed Giant

* Events dependent on amount of supplied product remaining.           

                       CHOOSE YOUR GUILD 

You will receive:
5 boosters
1 guild booster
1 promo card (from your guild)
Promos can be played!

When registering, you will pick your event time and your guild. Guilds per event are limited, so we ask you choose your top 3.
Events may fill to capacity, and you can register and play in multiple events.
Store will open at 9:00am Saturday and 11:00am Sunday.
Early registration is encouraged.

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