Thursday, September 6, 2012

Magic Celebration

Free Mini-Master Tournament
Saturday September 8th
@ 12:00

Magic Celebration is all about a no-charge event that puts players in a Mini-Master tournament.
You are able to get at least one Magic 2013 booster pack and possibly as many as four booster packs.

How to Play Mini-Master

Each player receives one M13 booster pack to start. Take the booster pack you're given when you join the event and, without looking at the contents, remove the land and the token card. Then add in three of each basic land. That's your deck you play with.

Each time you win a match, you'll get a booster pack to add to your deck. (max 4 packs)
Once you add your second booster pack, your deck-construction rules revert to the normal rules for Limited decks, which means you can modify your deck contents and add more lands as desired, so long as your deck is at least forty cards.

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