Thursday, November 15, 2012

Friday Night Magic will be undergoing a small change at the Dugout.
FNM is and will always be dominated by Standard and we have no intention of changing that.
We do think offering format options beyond Standard will be a great addition.
So, starting Friday Nov 16th there will be two tournament options for Friday Night Magic.
Tentative schedule is as follows
Nov 16th Standard or Modern
Nov 23rd Standard or Draft
The Standard tournament must fill before we sign anyone up for the alternative.
Both events will start @ 7:00.
Sundays will also start using this format Nov 25th

Also, Nov 17th @ 2:00 we are having a Legacy tournament and a Cardfight Vanguard Tournament.
We are going to teach anyone interested how to play Vanguard.
We will have some tutorial decks that we will use and give away.  

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